Risk Management and Valuation Methodologies

Mastering models and methodologies.

Our clients benefit from our extensive expertise in market and liquidity risk management models and methodologies. A particular focus of our expertise is on valuation models for all types of financial products and across all asset classes.

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Risk systems and system architectures

Understanding digital processes.

We contribute profound understanding of technical infrastructure and development processes to your projects. Here, we put emphasis on the interaction between risk architecture, risk management and risk control processes.

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Project management

Shaping change together.

We have decades of experience in planning and organizing client projects, leading project teams and moderating decision processes.

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Bild Dr. Tilman Wolff-Siemssen

Dr. Tilman Wolff-Siemssen

Managing Director

Tilman has a several years’ successful track record as subject matter expert and project manager in a variety of projects on bank-wide risk management. He is founder and Managing Director at FRAME Consulting.

Bild Dr. André Miemiec

Dr. André Miemiec

Managing Director

André is a proven expert on methodologies and processes of integrated risk management. He has a several years’ successful track record as project manager for initiatives on valuation and risk architecture as well as bank-wide risk management. André is founder and Managing Director at FRAME Consulting.

Bild Sebastian Schlenkrich

Dr. Sebastian Schlenkrich

Managing Director

Sebastian is a proven expert on mathematical finance modelling and valuation of financial products. He brings more than 15 years’ experience in the design, implementation and validation of valuation methodologies at international banks and asset managers. Sebastian is Managing Director at FRAME Consulting.

In addition to his role at FRAME, Sebastian teaches interest rate modelling and financial mathematics at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

Bild Kerstin Steinberg

Kerstin Steinberg

Managing Consultant

Kerstin is an expert for reporting, risk controlling, data management and IT architecture. She has several years experience as consultant and successfully delivered client projects with technical as well as IT implementation focus.

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